Great Lakes Scuttlebutt Magazine launched Attheboatshow.com, a website devoted entirely to providing information about boat shows from across the nation, on January 1, 2013.

At The Boat Show is dedicated to providing complete coverage of boat shows around The United States-from California to Florida, to Boat Shows throughout the Great Lakes region. We give our viewers the virtual experience of actually being at boat shows in person by Capturing the ambiance of each show, with video interviews of all the exhibitors along with footage of the latest boat models and the beautiful locations hosting the shows.

One of the main features that makes it stand above all other boat show sites, is an interactive map on the homepage that directs you to view boat shows all over the country that are sorted by type of show. Whether it’s a regular boat show, a sailboat show, a fishing show, or an antique boat show, boaters will easily be able to access information about specific shows they want to attend, or browse through videos from shows in their area.

Attheboatshow.com also features virtual experiences at boat shows in the U.S. Once you’ve selected the boat show you want to experience, you will be taken to the specific boat show page where you will see information about the show including a list of brokers, dealers, and products you can select.

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Viewers will not only be able to watch interviews of some or all of the exhibitors at each show, the site will also contain video footage of the boats, products and services at the show, and are able to listen to brokers & dealers discuss the features of their boats in detail.

There is also a calendar on the website that allows you to view events throughout the entire year, making it easy to plan ahead!

The site is a great resource to not only preview shows you plan on attending, but to have a virtual ticket to the ones you can’t make it to; and you can revisit past boat shows any time you like!Attheboatshow.com will provide every boater with all the information they need about boat shows. Erik Kyle, Publisher of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt Magazine calls the site “the go-to resource for the boating public.”